Temporary Holding Tank
Description: Suitable for large construction sites where sewer facilities are unavailable or impractical. The ablution block sits on top of the tank and the waste outlet is plumbed directly into the top of the tank. 
Included: Inlets, outlets to connect to & housed in a steel frame ready for your ablution block 
People on site: Any amount - servicing can be arranged to suit. 
Capacity: Waste Tank:  3000 Litres 
Size: Width:
3600 mm
2400 mm
900 mm
Availability: NSW & VIC 
Brochure: Print the Events Brochure or the Construction Brochure (PDF)
Servicing & Cleaning
Description: Cleaning and servicing of toilets and tanks. A Sani Hire Service consists of removal of waste, thorough cleaning of the unit inside, replenishment of all fresh water, paper and chemicals. Sani Hire uses only environmentally safe, non-formaldehyde chemicals, approved by all relevant Government bodies, unions and environmental groups. 
People on site: Weekly Toilet Service - 1 to 12 people
Fortnightly Toilet Service - 1 to 3 people
Monthly Toilet Service (VIC only) - 1 to 5 people based on FWF.
Tanks - servicing can vary, contact us.
Note: this is a guide only. 
Availability: NSW & VIC 
More info: See our Servicing Page for more information.